Art Design Xchange (ADX) is a fertile creative space for artists, designers, makers, innovators, inventors and creative individuals and organizations of all stripes. We provide affordable space, and work together with our community partners to advocate for equitable access to spaces and resources for Portland’s creative community.

ADX is chock full of creative space of all shapes and sizes. If you’re tired of working by yourself,  rent is getting too expensive, or you’re seeking a community with like minded creatives, come make your new space at ADX your own! Build walls, paint murals, add lighting… Join our unique and forward thinking community!

We love bringing people together! Let us help you host your holiday and company parties, product launches, awards shows, fundraisers, gallery shows, all-age music shows, community meetings… anything you can dream up! You have ideas. We have space.

“My space at ADX gives me a freedom to make whatever I want, whenever I want. And while it gives me a place to engage with the solitude of creating, it’s not in isolation–that there are other people engaged with their art and their creativity, in the spaces just past the walls of mine, gives a collective energy to fuel the work even further.”


“Everyday I feel the need for some ADX air. It’s genius and ingenuity like one million little ball bearings rolling around between your fingers. You can feel the progress in the air here.”

ADX makerspace
Squarepeg Roundhole

“ADX offers a great and safe place for people to enjoy all ages shows.”


“ADX is an active and diverse space for makers of all kinds. The energy and people are inspiring. I felt welcome here from day one.”


“As a startup, working from ADX ups my game. I am instantly associated with one of the city’s most well respected brands, and my community of support just grew by 100x.”

–Engineering Design Services

“This place is great! Only after a few weeks here, I am already collaborating on projects with other residents at ADX.”

ADX portland
–Mapcap Designs

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